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Substantial Jury Awards for Driver and Passenger Reduced in Intersection Crash Case

Posted in Brain Injuries, Knee Injuries, Leg Injuries

On August 19, 2008, Dorothy Dunnigan was driving through an intersection on White Plains Road in the Bronx when her vehicle was struck by a transit authority bus. Both the 79 year old Ms. Dunnigan and her 41 year old passenger Dorothy Lemon sustained serious injuries. In their ensuing lawsuits, a Bronx County jury determined… Continue Reading

City and Construction Company Liable for Substantial Injuries in Car Crash Caused by Unsafe Highway Lane Closures

Posted in Knee Injuries, Leg Injuries, Loss of Consortium Damages

On May 20, 2006 at about 3 a.m., a five-car pile-up occurred on the West Side Highway near 79th Street in Manhattan. Initially, a taxi was rear-ended and caused to strike the car in front of him. While those three cars were disabled in the roadway, James Gregware, coming over a blind hill in the… Continue Reading

Appeals Court Affirms $3,166,667 Pain and Suffering Verdict for Leg and Other Injuries Sustained by Electrician who Fell from Ladder

Posted in Leg Injuries, Loss of Consortium Damages

On July 21, 2000, Daniel Hernandez was working on a defective lighting fixture at a Great Neck construction site when he fell from a ladder and broke his leg. He never recovered from his injury (it got worse and others developed too); he was never able to return to work. His damages lawsuit took eight… Continue Reading

Appellate Court Determines Proper Amount for Pain and Suffering Damages in RSD Case

Posted in Leg Injuries

In December 2009, we wrote, here, about Diarassouba v. Urban, a fascinating and long-winding medical malpractice case of a 32 year old math professor at Manhattan Community College who ended up with nerve damage and RSD (a chronic, painful neurologic condition often presenting as a burning sensation) affecting his right leg after unrelated extensive surgery in… Continue Reading

Court Orders Substantial Reduction in Pain and Suffering Damages in Severe Orthopedic and Brain Injury Trauma Case

Posted in Back Injuries, Brain Injuries, Leg Injuries, Neck Injuries, Wrist Injuries

A 26 year old restaurant deliveryman was was bicycling in the Bedford-Stuyversant section of Brooklyn on June 4, 2005, on his way to make a food delivery from King’s Men Restaurant, when a car struck him from behind. Jing Xue Jiang flew through the air and the next thing he remembered was waking up at… Continue Reading

Review of the 10 Largest Pain and Suffering Awards Approved by New York’s Appellate Courts in 2011

Posted in Amputation Injuries, Brain Injuries, Leg Injuries, Paralysis, Wrongful Death

New York’s appellate courts issued decisions in 10 cases in 2011 that approved pain and suffering damages in the sum of $3,500,000 or more. The largest was $12,000,000 for a 24 year old woman who was paralyzed when a weight-lifting machine fell on top of her. The courts affirmed the jury verdict in five of… Continue Reading

Brain and Leg Injuries Result in $15,000,000 Pain and Suffering Verdict Reduced to $5,000,000 by Appeals Court

Posted in Brain Injuries, Leg Injuries

On November 29, 2004 at about 3:15 p.m., Rashawana Belt was on the sidewalk that abutted the eastbound side of 110th Avenue, near its intersection at Merrick Boulevard, in the Jamaica section of Queens. In a split second, her life would change unalterably when a drunk driver mounted the sidewalk, struck Rashawana and drove her… Continue Reading

Massive Leg Injuries Result in $11,500,000 Jury Verdict for Pain and Suffering; Recovery Reduced to $4,000,000 after Appeal and Apportionment for Comparative Liability

Posted in Leg Injuries

On October 28, 2004, an 18 year old college student was  crossing 70th Street at Eighth Avenue, in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn. On her way to the bank to perform an errand for her father, Walla Mohamed wound up under the front wheel of a city bus making a right turn and sustained very serious injuries. Another pedestrian hit… Continue Reading

$175,000 Pain and Suffering Award Reduced by Appeals Court to $140,000 for Leg Injuries Requiring Skin Graft; New Trial Ordered to Assess Plaintiff’s Comparative Negligence in Rail Road Platform Gap Fall

Posted in Burn Injuries, Leg Injuries

On June 14, 2006, at about 3:30 p.m., then 72 year old Irene McDonald attempted to board a train at the New Hyde Park Long Island Rail Road (the LIRR) station when she fell through a 12 inch gap between the train station platform and the train door. Here is the LIRR train station where… Continue Reading

Girl with Fractured Femur from Construction Site Accident Wins New Damages Trial due to Jury’s Inconsistent Pain and Suffering Awards ($100,000 for Future, Zero for Past)

Posted in Elbow Injuries, Leg Injuries

On September 1, 2000 Jennifer Arietta was struck by an eight foot piece of plywood accidentally dropped from the third floor window at 513 Beekman Avenue in the Bronx. The plank was being used as a window cover by contractors renovating the building and ten year old Jennifer just happened to be walking on the… Continue Reading

Appeals Court Affirms Medical Malpractice Finding but Reduces $900,000 Pain and Suffering Award to $200,000

Posted in Leg Injuries, Medical Malpractice

As regular readers know, we rail against appeals court judges who issue decisions that fail to explain why they decrease (or increase) pain and suffering awards. Under CPLR 5501 and 5522, they are required to explain their reasoning when they rule on requests to decrease or increase awards. In a new medical malpractice lawsuit decision,… Continue Reading

Delayed Diagnosis of Spinal Tumor Results in $47,950,000 Medical Malpractice Jury Verdict – Defendant Appeals Claiming Lack of Causation and Excessive Damages

Posted in Back Injuries, Leg Injuries, Medical Malpractice

Shania-Gay Ffrench was 21 years old on February 3, 2000 when she went to the emergency room at Mount Vernon Hospital complaining of back pain. Doctors there suspected uterine fibroids and she was told to follow up with her primary care physician and her gynecologist. She did so.  She saw her internist Keith Edwards, M.D…. Continue Reading

Bicyclist Sustains Fractures of Both Legs when Struck by Police Car; Appeals Court Upholds Trial Judge’s Increase to $750,000 for Pain and Suffering after Jury Awarded only $100,000

Posted in Leg Injuries

On August 15, 2004, then 20 year old Ervin Jordan was on his bicycle in Wyandanch, New York (Suffolk County) attempting to cross a road known as Straight Path at its intersection with State Avenue. Jordan was peddling along, just like this fellow: At the same time, and on State Avenue only a block away… Continue Reading

Trial Judge Upholds New York Jury’s $3,200,000 Pain and Suffering Verdict for 44 Year Old Electrician with Tibia-Fibula Fractures and RSD

Posted in Leg Injuries

Almost ten years ago, a month after the Great Neck, New York commercial office building at 1010 Northern Boulevard had been constructed and occupied, there was a problem with some of the emergency backup lighting fixtures. The tenant notified the building owner who in turn notified its general contractor. Then, the electrical subcontractor was notified… Continue Reading

Rupture of Quadriceps Tendon Results in $2,200,000 Pain and Suffering Jury Verdict; Reduced on Appeal to $1,600,000

Posted in Knee Injuries, Leg Injuries

The quadriceps tendon is located at the top of the patella and is attached to the quadriceps muscle. It is critical for ambulation because it allows the knee to move from a position of extension (straight) to a position of flexion (bent). When it ruptures, the patella loses its anchoring support in the thigh and one cannot stand… Continue Reading

$3,000,000 Pain and Suffering Verdict Sustained on Appeal for Ten Year Old New York Girl Injured in Horrifying Subway Accident

Posted in Ankle Injuries, Burn Injuries, Hip and Pelvis Injuries, Knee Injuries, Leg Injuries, Psychological Damages

November 4, 2001 began as a great day for ten year old Leonari Jones. She was an active, playful, happy kid who had a sleepover party and was on the subway returning home to the Bronx with her  friends and babysitter. When the train pulled in to her stop at 174th Street, though, Leonari’s life took a… Continue Reading

Courts Rule on Important Issues in Drunk Driving Injury Cases: Husband who bought drinks may sue for wife’s death; Driver who struck pedestrian may look to bar to share in defense

Posted in Leg Injuries, Wrongful Death

It’s as simple as A-B-C. The Alcohol Beverage Control Law has long provided that it is a crime to sell alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person. Violation of the A.B.C. Law will expose the seller to a lawsuit for civil damages too. We visit two new cases that made their way to appeals courts this month, each… Continue Reading

Inside Story of Lawsuit over Catastrophic Injuries at Construction Site – Did Attorney’s Rejection of Settlement Offer Cost His Client $7,000,000?

Posted in Eye and Vision Injuries, Leg Injuries, Loss of Consortium Damages, Neck Injuries, Wrist Injuries

A 35 year old healthy construction worker was helping to build a new Lowe’s Home Depot in Orangeburg (Ulster County), New York on November 14, 2002 when he fell off the roof 22 feet striking his head on the ground below. After 63 days in the hospital (57 of them in a coma), 11 surgeries… Continue Reading