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Verdict for Plaintiff Affirmed in Case of Unwitnessed Fall Leading to Death Four Months Later

Posted in Wrongful Death

On September 3, 2013, at about 11 p.m., William Tyrell fell down an exterior concrete 16 step staircase¬†at 243 Vrooman Avenue, a two story, two apartment rental building in Amsterdam, New York. Mr. Tyrell, then 77 years old, had been visiting the upstairs tenant. He was found at the bottom of the staircase, unconscious.¬†There were… Continue Reading

Brain Damage Pain and Suffering Award Slashed in Case of Patient who Fell at Assisted Living Facility

Posted in Brain Injuries

On July 8, 2006 Frances Feinstein, a 75 year old patient at Norwegian Christian Home & Health Center (“Norwegian” – an assisted living facility in Brooklyn), was found on the floor with a knot on her forehead, evidently the result of a fall. The head trauma caused a brain injury requiring transfer to a hospital… Continue Reading

Substantial Jury Awards for Driver and Passenger Reduced in Intersection Crash Case

Posted in Brain Injuries, Knee Injuries, Leg Injuries

On August 19, 2008, Dorothy Dunnigan was driving through an intersection on White Plains Road in the Bronx when her vehicle was struck by a transit authority bus. Both the 79 year old Ms. Dunnigan and her 41 year old passenger Dorothy Lemon sustained serious injuries. In their ensuing lawsuits, a Bronx County jury determined… Continue Reading

Traumatic Brain Injury Pain and Suffering Verdict Reduced on Appeal from $3,592,000 to $2,760,000 for College Student in Car Accident

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On August 30, 2001 Kenzie Godfrey was an honors physics student about to begin her senior year at Hunter College in Manhattan. She was headed towards a NASA research position and then a PhD upon graduation. Her dreams turned into nightmares that day when the 21 year old was a rear seat passenger in a taxicab… Continue Reading

New Trial Required in Traumatic Brain Injury Case due to Jury’s Erroneous Finding that Bus Driver 100% at Fault for Pedestrian Knockdown; $1,800,000 Pain and Suffering Verdict Unchallenged

Posted in Brain Injuries

On September 27, 2003, Claude Williams, a 66 year old retiree, stepped off the curb on Madison Avenue near its intersection with 125th Street in Manhattan and was struck by a New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA) bus. His injuries, described below, were severe. In the lawsuit that followed, Williams v. Hooper (Supreme Court, New… Continue Reading

Traumatic Brain Injury Pain and Suffering Verdict of $1,900,000 Affirmed on Appeal for 79 Year old Woman Struck by Bus

Posted in Brain Injuries

 On May 26, 2006, Veena Sadhwani, then 77 years old, was struck by a bus making a left turnonto Third Avenue from 32nd Street in New York City. The bus driver never saw her before impact which he said took place about 1/3 of the way through the pedestrian cross-walk. Mrs. Sadhwani was so brain damaged by the time… Continue Reading