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Construction Worker’s Judgments Affirmed on Appeal

Posted in Hip and Pelvis Injuries, Knee Injuries

On December 9, 2011 Juan Munoz was working for a construction company at 241 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan when he fell through the partially demolished fourth floor to the third floor  sustaining injuries to his knee, hip and wrist. In his ensuing lawsuit against the building’s owner and general contractor, Mr. Munoz was granted summary… Continue Reading

City and Construction Company Liable for Substantial Injuries in Car Crash Caused by Unsafe Highway Lane Closures

Posted in Knee Injuries, Leg Injuries, Loss of Consortium Damages

On May 20, 2006 at about 3 a.m., a five-car pile-up occurred on the West Side Highway near 79th Street in Manhattan. Initially, a taxi was rear-ended and caused to strike the car in front of him. While those three cars were disabled in the roadway, James Gregware, coming over a blind hill in the… Continue Reading

Knee Injury results in $500,000 Pain and Suffering Verdict but Appeals Court Orders New Trial for Jury to Determine if Injuries “Serious”

Posted in Knee Injuries

After a morning of shopping on April 16, 2005, Mildred Manuel boarded a city bus to head home. At her stop, Rockaway Parkway and Schenck Street in Brooklyn, the 64 year old Ms. Manuel stepped out of the bus and fell because of a roadway hole, thereby sustaining serious knee injuries.  A Kings County jury… Continue Reading

New York’s Highest Court Reverses Appellate Division’s Finding that Prisoner’s Testimony Incredible and His Knee Injury Case Sent Back for Reconsideration; Jury’s $1,050,000 Pain and Suffering Verdict had been Reduced to $475,000; New Trial Likely

Posted in Knee Injuries

The saga began more than 11 years ago one evening in April 1999. Pedro Acosta, then 28 years old, was awakened by a telephone call from a man claiming to be his probation officer. Then there were knocks on apartment his door and loud voices. Although on probation and wearing an ankle monitoring device, Pedro… Continue Reading

Dance Club Injuries in New York – Appellate Courts Dismiss One Case but Allow Other Case to Proceed

Posted in Assumption of the Risk

Perhaps the term “dance club” is a misnomer here; we’re really talking about moshing (also called slam dancing) which is an informal term referring to dancing to music in a violent manner by jumping up and down and deliberately colliding with others. Sounds like a sure-fire way to get hurt and that’s just what happened in two cases that have… Continue Reading