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Huge Increase in Pain and Suffering Damages Award for Construction Worker in Ladder Fall Accident

Posted in Back Injuries, Wrist Injuries

On June 3, 2005 Carlos Cano fell to the ground from the fourth rung of an unsecured ladder he was using to caulk the exterior walls of a gas station construction site in Cortlandt Manor. Mr. Cano, then 33 years old, had been employed by the project’s general contractor which specialized in the construction of… Continue Reading

Wrist and Spinal Injuries from Trip and Fall Accident Result in Large Pain and Suffering Damages Award

Posted in Back Injuries, Wrist Injuries

On October 30, 2009, at about 8 a.m., Anyolina Mata was crossing the Grand Concourse near her apartment in the Bronx when her foot became caught on a one inch high lip that surrounded a subway ventilation grate embedded in a concrete median.┬áMs. Mata fell forward to the ground where she lay in intense pain… Continue Reading

Court Orders Substantial Reduction in Pain and Suffering Damages in Severe Orthopedic and Brain Injury Trauma Case

Posted in Back Injuries, Brain Injuries, Leg Injuries, Neck Injuries, Wrist Injuries

A 26 year old restaurant deliveryman was was bicycling in the Bedford-Stuyversant section of Brooklyn on June 4, 2005, on his way to make a food delivery from King’s Men Restaurant, when a car struck him from behind. Jing Xue Jiang flew through the air and the next thing he remembered was waking up at… Continue Reading

$5,500,000 Pain and Suffering Award Upheld for Worker in Construction Site Accident

Posted in Brain Injuries, Facial Injuries, Hip and Pelvis Injuries, Wrist Injuries

On August 13, 2006, George Nunez was working as part of a New York City Transit Authority crew replacing subway tracks in Brooklyn. A walkway suddenly collapsed and he fell 30 feet to the street below, causing him to sustain numerous life-altering injuries.   Nunez, 48 years old at the time of the accident, sued… Continue Reading

Police Officer’s Hand and Wrist Injury Result in $500,000 Pain and Suffering Verdict Affirmed on Appeal

Posted in Hand Injuries, Wrist Injuries

On October 9, 2005, Michael Nutley, a 35 year old New York City police officer on duty, slipped and fell on a New York City Transit Authority subway stairway at the 111th Street and Greenwood Avenue station in Queens. Officer Nutley injured his dominant right hand and wrist  and sued the NYCTA claiming that the… Continue Reading

$1,000,000 Pain and Suffering Verdict Affirmed on Appeal for 55 Year Old Man with Bilateral Wrist Fractures

Posted in Wrist Injuries

On September 9, 2003, then 55 year old Matar Diouf entered a New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA) train station at 96th Street and Broadway in Manhattan. As he descended the staircase inside the station, he stepped on a two inch high protrusion, lost his balance on the uneven surface and fell down the stairs… Continue Reading

Appellate Court Upholds Jury Verdict Finding Police Officer Caused Wrist Injury with Excessive Force and Negligence in Arrest but Reduces $1,100,000 Pain and Suffering Verdict to $450,000

Posted in Wrist Injuries

On June 7, 2003, two New York City Police Department officers responded to a criminal trespass call at 439 East 135th Street in the Bronx where 48 year old Juanita Young was asleep in a second floor apartment. The police had been called by the landlord who had obtained an eviction order due to Ms…. Continue Reading

Slip and Fall Liability Verdict Affirmed against NYC Transit Authority but Court Fails to Identify Injury for which Jury Rendered $210,000 Verdict

Posted in Wrist Injuries

Once again an appellate court in New York has issued a decision on an appeal from a jury verdict in a personal injury lawsuit that fails to identify important facts about the case – such as the injury for which $210,000 was awarded. So once again, we have dug into the matter so we can… Continue Reading

Inside Story of Lawsuit over Catastrophic Injuries at Construction Site – Did Attorney’s Rejection of Settlement Offer Cost His Client $7,000,000?

Posted in Eye and Vision Injuries, Leg Injuries, Loss of Consortium Damages, Neck Injuries, Wrist Injuries

A 35 year old healthy construction worker was helping to build a new Lowe’s Home Depot in Orangeburg (Ulster County), New York on November 14, 2002 when he fell off the roof 22 feet striking his head on the ground below. After 63 days in the hospital (57 of them in a coma), 11 surgeries… Continue Reading

New York Appeals Court Inadequately Explains its Order Deducting $455,000 from Pain and Suffering Verdict for Firefighter with Wrist, Shoulder and Knee Injuries

Posted in Knee Injuries, Shoulder Injuries, Wrist Injuries

On December 22, 1999, Lieutenant Nocenzu Cusumano, a New York City firefighter, reported to work at the city’s recently renovated Staten Island training center. He slipped on stairway debris and fell 16 feet down to a concrete floor. He reached out for a handrail or banister but none was there as the renovation was illegal… Continue Reading

Latest Slip and Fall New York Injury Cases – 2 out of 3 Dismissed Before Trial

Posted in Shoulder Injuries, Surprising Damage Verdicts, Wrist Injuries

Slip and fall injury cases in New York are quite common. They are also among the most difficult to win for the injured party. All three cases in the latest round of slip and fall trial court decisions released in New York are from accidents in the winter of 2006-2007. Two were dismissed on motions… Continue Reading

Wrist Fracture Injury Cases – Recent New York Verdicts and Settlements Between $450,000 and $900,000

Posted in Wrist Injuries

With a serious enough injury, traumatic wrist injury cases in New York can and do command upwards of $500,000-$900,000 for pain and suffering alone and can even bring in a $1,000,000 sustainable verdict. The wrist is an extremely complex collection of many joints, including eight separate small bones called carpal bones that connect the two… Continue Reading