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Girl with Fractured Femur from Construction Site Accident Wins New Damages Trial due to Jury’s Inconsistent Pain and Suffering Awards ($100,000 for Future, Zero for Past)

Posted in Elbow Injuries, Leg Injuries

On September 1, 2000 Jennifer Arietta was struck by an eight foot piece of plywood accidentally dropped from the third floor window at 513 Beekman Avenue in the Bronx. The plank was being used as a window cover by contractors renovating the building and ten year old Jennifer just happened to be walking on the… Continue Reading

Another $1,000,000 Elbow Fracture Verdict Sustained on Appeal in New York

Posted in Elbow Injuries

 Kerwin Park was a 36 year old day laborer doing construction work on a residential building in Manhattan on September 7, 2000 when a wooden plank he’d been standing on collapsed and sent him tumbling 20 feet to the unfinished basement below. Here’s what it looked like before Mr. Park fell: Park was rushed to the hospital where he… Continue Reading