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Police Officer Wins Substantial Award for Knee Injury

Posted in Knee Injuries

On August 14, 2003,  a blackout struck the entire Northeast resulting in widespread electrical power outages. Joseph Schaefer, a New York City police officer, was assigned to assist in the evacuation of Pennsylvania Station. Schaefer first led dozens of passengers from trains stuck inside tunnels at the station. Then, he came upon two women trapped… Continue Reading

Appellate Court Determines Proper Amount for Pain and Suffering Damages in RSD Case

Posted in Leg Injuries

In December 2009, we wrote, here, about Diarassouba v. Urban, a fascinating and long-winding medical malpractice case of a 32 year old math professor at Manhattan Community College who ended up with nerve damage and RSD (a chronic, painful neurologic condition often presenting as a burning sensation) affecting his right leg after unrelated extensive surgery in… Continue Reading

Neck Injury and RSD from Electrical Shock – $2,500 Pain and Suffering Verdict Affirmed on Appeal

Posted in Neck Injuries

On December 13, 1999, then 40 year old Terry Olmstead was  employed as a shift manager by Pizza Hut of America, Inc.’s franchisee in Chittenango, New York (near Syracuse). While working in the kitchen near a metal work table, Ms. Olmstead received a severe electrical shock when she touched the table surface. Treated at an… Continue Reading