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Appellate Court Affirms Liability Verdict but Slashes Pain and Suffering Award in Major Product Liability Case

Posted in Paralysis

Natalie Barnhard was an ambitious, energetic, bright 24 year old who’d gone to school to become a physical therapy assistant. On October 22, 2004, three months after  landing a job at an orthopedic physical therapy practice in Buffalo, Natalie had a catastrophic accident at work when a 600 pound leg extension machine tipped over and… Continue Reading

Traumatic Brain Injury Pain and Suffering Verdict for $2,500,000 Upheld on Appeal Despite Lack of Objective Medical Test Demonstrating Injury for First Six Years after Car Accident

Posted in Brain Injuries, Loss of Consortium Damages

On February 5, 2002, Diane Garrison, a 44 year old housewife, was involved in a high speed motor vehicle accident in Ulster County, New York. The other driver admitted his liability for the crash in which Ms. Garrison’s head struck the window of her car’s door. Only a huge impact can smash a car window:… Continue Reading

Delayed Diagnosis of Spinal Tumor Results in $47,950,000 Medical Malpractice Jury Verdict – Defendant Appeals Claiming Lack of Causation and Excessive Damages

Posted in Back Injuries, Leg Injuries, Medical Malpractice

Shania-Gay Ffrench was 21 years old on February 3, 2000 when she went to the emergency room at Mount Vernon Hospital complaining of back pain. Doctors there suspected uterine fibroids and she was told to follow up with her primary care physician and her gynecologist. She did so.  She saw her internist Keith Edwards, M.D…. Continue Reading