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Impermissible Jury Compromise Requires Court to Set Aside $500,000 Pain and Suffering Verdict for Ankle Injuries in Case Stemming from 1993 World Trade Center Bombing

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Terrorists attacked New York City’s World Trade Center buildings twice – once on 2/26/93 exploding a bomb in the underground parking garage of the north tower; then on 9/11/01 flying planes into both towers. Most people safely evacuated in 1993 (six died and hundreds were injured): The lawsuits that followed the 1993 bombing are still… Continue Reading

Latest New York Appeals Court to Evaluate Ankle Fracture Pain and Suffering Case: $550,000; Most Range Between $300,000 and $600,000

Posted in Ankle Injuries

Another significant ankle fracture pain and suffering verdict has been reviewed by a New York appeals court and in its decision this week a Kings County verdict for $800,000 was deemed unreasonable and reduced to $550,000. Myron Fishbane, a 69 year old semi-retired accountant, slipped and fell down stairs in 2004, broke his ankle and… Continue Reading