Nine years after the fact and 2 1/2 years after the jury verdict, all of the parties in a medical malpractice case have been ordered back to court for a retrial because of the trial judge’s error in refusing to ask the jurors individually whether in fact their unanimous, individually signed written jury verdict exonerating

In a case involving a pedestrian struck by a bus, there were two trials with two different juries. The plaintiff sustained elbow and foot fractures and in the first case her pain and suffering verdict was $575,000 but in the second case a new jury reduced that sum to $22,000

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Depositions are statements under oath, taken down in writing, that can be used in court. They are also known as examinations before trial or EBTs. You’re asked questions by the defendant’s lawyer and you give answers.  This will take place in a lawyer’s conference room with both attorneys present, along with a stenographer as