I am pleased to announce a new web resource for brain injured victims, the bar and the bench:  Brain Injury Lawyer – Frequently Asked Questions.

This new web site at www.BrainInjuryFAQ.com answers questions regarding traumatic brain injury (TBI) and the law from the perspective of a practicing trial attorney who’s had decades of experience in TBI cases (that’s me). The topics covered are driven by my experience as an adviser to two brain injury assistance foundations, and almost 10 years as a volunteer assistant teacher of brain injured children. As some of you may know, my background also includes serving as an EMT for six years and as a local court judge for six years. This new website reflects much of that life experience, and what I hope will evolve into an important foundation resource for the injured and their families.

The site includes detailed medical information, definitions, illustrations and diagrams, along with a new National Verdict Tracker reporting on new brain injury verdicts and settlements from around the country. All together, these elements result in a brain injury resource that, to my knowledge, is unique and will be of substantial benefit to readers.

We encourage your perusal and welcome your comments.