On January 10, 2001, Ludnila Sulich was stopped at a red light on Bainbridge Avenue in the Bronx when her car was struck by a city bus. Her head hit the left side window in her car resulting in significant neck pain.

When the 43 year old Ms. Sulich got out of her car

The defendants admitted that they caused the car accident on August 9, 2005 when Fred Nesci’s car was totaled after it was rear ended by their SUV.

Rear end collision damage:

Fred and his passenger (his wife Valerie) claimed serious injuries but the defense insisted on a damages trial arguing that the injuries were not

When a defendant has been found liable causing for a car accident and the jury verdict includes amounts for past pain and suffering and future medical expenses but nothing at all for future pain and suffering, a new trial is required under New York law.

On August 22, 1996 Lindsay Grobman, then 17 years old